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శ్రీ పద్మావతి మహిళా విశ్వవిద్యాలయం
(Women's University, Tirupati-517502)
Andhra Pradesh, India
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Centre for Ambedkar Studies
The Centre for Ambedkar studies was established on 19th  August 2006 with the financial support of UGC under the Scheme “Epoch  Making Social Thinkers of India. The Centre was inaugurated by Prof.  Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, UGC.
Aims and Objectives of the Centre
  1. The centre's objective is to propagate the ideas and ideals of  Bharathratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on society, economy and polity.
  2. To conduct Seminars/ workshops on the contributions of Dr. Ambedkar for the upliftment of the socially and economically deprived sections of  the society.
  3. To promote studies, filed work based research and extension activities to disseminate the ideas of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.
  4. To set up Resource centre / Library and reading room for teachers,  scholars and students of the University to become acquainted with  Ambedkarain ideas and principles.
Prof N. B. Chandrakala
Phone : 0877-2284539
Email :drkalaprof[at]gmail[dot]com
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