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   The department promotes knowledge and skills related to physical  education which plays an important role in the development of mind,  fitness and muscular skills.
Programme Name
Intake Seats
Bachelor's Programme in Physical Education (B.P.ED)
(Self Finance)
2 Years
(4 Semesters)
Eligibility : Must have passed a Bachelor Degree from any University and Qualified the Physical Education Common entrance Test conducted by Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Programmes Content
Part A :Theoretical Programme
CC-101 History, Principles and foundations of Physical Education
CC-102 Anatomy and Physiology
CC-103 Educational Technology and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education
Elective Programme (Anyone)
EC-111 Communication & Soft skills
EC-112 Olympic Movement
Part-B : Practical Programme
PC-121 Track and Field (Running Events), *Gymnastics/*Swimming (* Any one)
PC-122 Football, Tennis, Throw ball
PC-123 Badminton, Kho-Kho, Shooting
PC-124Mass Demonstration Activities: Flag Hoisting, March past, Calisthenics, Lezium Dumb-bells, Kolatam, Aerobics Wands, Hoops, Pole Drill, Folk Songs & Patriotic Songs
Part A :Theoretical Programme
CC-201 Kinesiology and Biomechanics
CC-202 Health Education and Environmental Studies
CC-203 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
Elective Programme (Anyone)
EC-211 Computer Applications in Physical Education
EC-212 Recreation and Leisure Management
Part-B : Practical Programme
PC-221 Track and Field (Jumping Events) * Gymnastics/*Swimming  (*Any one)
PC-222 Yoga, Ball Badminton, Kabaddi
PC-223 Hockey, Handball, Cricket
Part-C Teaching Practices
TP-231 Teaching Practice (Class room and Outdoor) (4 internal and 1 External in class room and outdoor)
Part A :Theoretical Programme
CC-301 Sports Training
CC-302 Concepts of Wellness Management
CC-303 Sports Psychology and Sociology
Elective Course (Anyone)
EC-311 Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
EC-312 Curriculum Design
Part-B : Practical Programme
PC-321 Track and Field (Throwing Events) * Gymnastics/*Swimming (* Any one)
PC-322 Karate / Judo / Fencing/ Tennikoit, Softball, Basketball
PC-323 Wrestling, Taekwondo, Boxing, Table Tennis, Volleyball
Part-C Teaching Practices
TP-331 Teaching practice: Particular Lesson Plans for Racket Sport/ Team Games/ Indigenous Sports. (out of 10
Lessons 5 at practicing school & 4 internal and 1 external).
Part A :Theoretical Programme
CC-401 Sports Management
CC-402 Concepts of Yoga
CC-403 Officiating and Coaching Elective Programme (Anyone)
EC-411 Fitness Assessment and exercise prescription
EC-412 Research and Statistics in Physical Education
Part-B : Practical Programme
PC-421 Athletics Specialization
PC-422 Game of Specialization: Football, Kabaddi, Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Handball, Kho-Kho, Ball Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Table Tennis (Any one of these)
Part-C Teaching Practices
TP-431 Teaching Practice in Sports Specialization: coaching lesson Plan in Track and Field / Swimming /Gymnastics (Any one of these)
TP-432 Teaching practice in Game of specialization: Coaching lessons: Kabaddi/ Kho-kho/ Baseball/ Cricket/ Football/ Hockey/ softball/ Volleyball/ Handball/ Basketball/ Netball/ Badminton/ Table-tennis/ Squash/ Tennis (Any one of the above games). Out of 10 lessons, 5 lessons at school and 4 internal and 1 external . (both particular and coaching lessons have to be included in the program. Each lesson is of 45 minutes duration.
Programme Name
Intake Seats
Master Programme in Physical Education (M.P.ED)
(Self Finance)
2 Year
(4 Semesters)
The admission for the degree of M.P.Ed. Degree shall be open to. The candidates who complete B.P.Ed Degree programme of any University recognized by UGC are eligible for admission provided that they possess a minimum of 50 Percentage of marks in B.P.Ed programme. Concessions in the eligibility for reservation categories as per Government norms and should qualify in SPMVV PGCET.
Programme Content
Part A : Theoretical Programme
MPCC-101 Research Process in Physical Education & Sports Sciences
MPCC-102 Physiology of Exercise
MPCC-103 Applied Statistics in Physical Education & Sports
Elective Programme (Anyone)
MPEC-111 Fitness and Life Style Management
MPEC-112 Sports Technology
Part-B Practical Programme
MPPC-121 Track and Field Running Events (compulsory) Any one of these following i.e. Gymnastics/Swimming/Yoga
MPPC-122 Games Specialization –Badminton / Baseball /Cricket/Football/Handball /Hockey/Kabaddi / Kho-kho / Netball/ Softball/Table Tennis / Tennis /(Any two games – One Indigenous & one ballgame)
MPPC-123 Teaching Lessons :Coaching lessons in the events of MPPC- 121 and 122.
MPPC-124 Classroom Teaching Lessons on theory of different Sports& Games
Part A :Theoretical Programme
MPCC-201 Yogic Sciences
MPCC-202 Sports Biomechanics and Kinesiology
MPCC-203 Tests, Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
Open Elective Programme
MPEC-211 Open elective/ Non Core
Part-B Practical Programme
MPPC-221 Track and Field Jumping and hurdle Events(compulsory) Any one of these following i.e. Gymnastics/Swimming/Yoga
MPPC-222 Laboratory Practical in Physiology of Exercise and Bio Mechanics &Kinesiology (Two practical in each subject)
MPPC-223 Any two of the following activities: Aerobics / Self Defensive Techniques–Taekwondo/ Shooting/ Archery.
MPPC-224 Adventure Activities / Mass demonstration Activities
Part A :Theoretical Programme
MPCC-301 Scientific Principles of Sport straining
MPCC-302 Sports Medicine, Athletic Care and Rehabilitation
MPCC-303 Sports Psychology and Sports Sociology
Open Elective Programme
MPEC-311 Open Elective/ Non Core
Part-B Practical Programme
MPPC-321 Track and Field: Throwing Events. Field test for Fitness &Skills
MPPC-322 Laboratory : Sports Psychology and Physiotherapy lab (Any two practical in each subject)
MPPC-323 Games Specialization – Any two games other than two games opted from first semester Badminton /
Baseball /Cricket/Football/Handball /Hockey/Kabaddi / Kho-kho / Netball/ Softball/TableTennis / Tennis
MPPC-324 Teaching Lessons: Coaching lessons in the events of MPPC-321and 323.
Part A :Theoretical Programme
MPCC-401 Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Physical Education
MPCC-402 Health Education and Sports Nutrition
MPCC-403 Education Technology in Physical Education
Elective Programme (Anyone)
MPEC-411 Dissertation/Project work/ Event Management
MPEC-412 Sports Management and Curriculum Designs in Physical Education
Part-B Practical Programme
MPPC-421 Track and Field–Combined events Training methods :Circuit ,Interval,Fartlek,Plyometric & Resistance Trainings
MPPC-422 Game Specialization –Practical Skills - any one opted from four games in previous semesters-Record & Viva- voce.
MPPC-423 Officiating in Track and Field / Gymnastics/ Swimming/Yoga
MPPC-424 Coaching lessons in Game of Specialization-Internship
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