The University Computer Centre was established in 1986 with an aim to facilitate, Students, Research Scholars, Teaching, and Non-Teaching faculty with all the infrastructure facilities. The Computer Centre is functioning from 8 AM to 6 PM on all working days.

In the present scenario the students, Researchers and faculty totally depending upon Internet hence the usage of computer centre has drastically increased. The Computer Centre is providing various software tools for students and research scholars to improve their programming skills according to their curriculum and as per the industry requirements. The Computer Centre is giving training to upgrade the knowledge of the Non-teaching staff regarding the usage of systems for their office work (e-Office, MS-Office, Office Automation, etc.,). The University Computer Centre is conducting Online Examination of Foundation Course in Computer Applications (Common Paper) for all P.G. courses offered by the University.

Infrastructure facilities:

The Centre has a Server, around Sixty Systems, Six Printers and LCD Projector. The Servers &Systems are connected through LAN & High speed Internet with well supported UPS.

The Computer Centre supports

  • Practical sessions for Foundation Course in Computer Application to all the PG Students and computing facility will be provided to all the students as per theirper the requirement of department.
  • Research Scholars of the University to access e-journals provided by e-shodh Sindhu
  • Various Workshops, Refresher courses, Orientation programmes and Seminars conducted by the departments/ University/ other Government departments.
  • MOOCs Programmes, Placement Programmes and Online Examinations conducted by the University

Staff Positions
Director:Prof. T. Sudha, Department of Computer Science, SPMVV, Tirupati
Computer Operators:Dr. K. Padmavathi
Mrs. B. J. Annie.Neeraja
Key-Punch Operators:Mrs. K. Kusuma
Mrs.S.Chalana Kumari