Trans Disciplinary Research (TDR) transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and therefore has been described as the most transformative method. It has the highest potential for innovative solutions to difficult scientific and social questions. TDR creates an environment that promotes capacity building towards transferable skills. Under its STRIDE scheme, the UGC has sanctioned a grant to the SPMVV against its proposal and approved the establishment of a centre to promote TDR, called TRICA. The overall objective of TRICA, as approved through the proposal is the establishment of a centre to promote TDR while enhancing capabilities through research in Adolescent Health, including mental health. A series of activities have been proposed to be undertaken over a period of three years in order to accomplish the above mentioned objective. One of the key activities is the designing and implementation/conduct of a certificate course in TDR. It is in this context that the present proposal is being submitted.


STRIDE (Scheme for Trans-Disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy) plans to add new disciplines for research support with a thrust on research capacity building, trans-disciplinary research facilitating India’s developing economy. To understand the experiences in all domains of human existence to improve the quality of life, Research creates new knowledge, Insights, vibrancy and dynamism in educational process. As a part of quality mandate, the University Grants Commission (UGC) proposed STRIDE - a new scheme to promote quality research by faculty, researchers and students.


Transdisciplinary research is a team effort of investigators from different disciplines to create new conceptual, theoretical, methodological innovations that integrates and transcends beyond discipline-specific approaches to address a common problem. It generates knowledge through the use of multi and inter-disciplinary concepts and integrates new theories among science and society.


As part of this initiative the departments of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Social Work and Communication and Journalism have formed a Trans disciplinary team for capacity building in TDR of faculty and researchers of different disciplines to promote quality research for better understanding of Life.

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (SPMVV) has come up with another initiative called, "Trans disciplinary Research Initiative Centre for Adolescent Health" (TRICA). As part of this initiative the Centre has conducted workshops, a series of training and workshops and STRIDE-TRICA is now offering a 12-week certificate course (Theory, Practical) in Trans Disciplinary Research and Adolescent Health which includes a practical work on proposal writing in Trans Disciplinary Research. A Two-day International Conference has been conducted on “Current Trends on Trans Disciplinary Research” on 5th and 6th January 2022.The objective of TRICA is to improve research capacities of post graduate students, research scholars and young faculty to carry trans disciplinary research in the context of adolescent health. Explaining about the ’trans disciplinary research' approach, it facilitates students and staff from different disciplines to work in research teams.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course learners will be able to

  • Apply Trans Disciplinary approaches to relevant issues in the area of Adolescent Health
  • Agree to reflect Transdisciplinarity – its principles and research processes in a promising context

The programme will enable the learners to

  • Strengthen their knowledge in understanding Trans Disciplinary Research
  • Build knowledge on key aspects related to Adolescent health
  • Develop skills in undertaking TDR in Adolescent Health
Prof. V. Uma