Under the policy of the university, students enjoy the greatest degree of liberty consistent with high academic standards and orderly conduct. Each student is expected to conduct herself in such a manner as to uphold the good reputation of the University (and her fellow students). At the same time, she should be conscious of her responsibilities imposed by the law and the ideals proclaimed by the University. It is presumed that all students, as members of this Institution of the highest learning understand that maturity, responsibility due regard for rights of others are prerequisites of liberty.

The following rules are to be observed by the students for cherishing the noble cause of the university.
  • Each student is required to punctually attend all lectures, practical classes and tutorials held on each working day.
  • A student who disturbs the lecture or behaves indecently in a class may be expelled from the class by the teacher. A student so expelled shall be deemed to be absent for the day.
  • Every student shall possess the necessary books and other articles required to pursue her studies in the university.
  • Every student who borrows books or any other equipment is responsible for their preservation in good condition and in the event of their being lost or damaged. She shall be required to replace them or defray their cost.
  • Any student who breaks or damages university’s property shall be required to pay the cost of the repair or replacement. In case of willful damage, she shall also be punished in such a manner as the Dean may think fit.
  • The student may not be required to pay the cost of any article which he damages if the teacher-in charge certifies that the breakage is not due to any negligence on the part of the student.
  • The student shall submit all communications intended for various purposes only to the Dean through the head of the Department. The Dean will submit them to the higher authorities, if he considers it required.
  • Every student shall wear a clean and decent dress approved by the Dean.
  • Each student is required to help the administration in keeping the class rooms and premises tidy.
  • Smoking by students in the university premises is prohibited.
  • Students are prohibited from organizing meetings or entertainment programmes in the campus or collecting money for any purpose without the prior permission of the Dean.
  • Consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating drinks, drugs on the campus or entering the campus in a state of intoxication is prohibited and violation of this rule shall attract serious disciplinary action.
  • Students shall not hold meetings for criticizing the policies and actions of the university or college authorities. Such meetings shall be deemed to be unlawful and the principal might take such action as she considers necessary to prohibit such meetings or to punish the offenders and in case she considers it necessary / serious she may report the matter to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Dean may prohibit the students from attending political or such other meetings if she apprehends a breach of peace in the campus. The students who act as volunteers in social services activities taken up in connection with a political meeting should not participate in the proceedings of such meetings.
  • The volunteers shall on no account be used for political purposes.
  • The Heads of the Departments shall inform, whenever necessary, the Dean, International Relations, about the students who are irregular and do not show any progress in their studies or whose attendance is very poor or whose conduct is dissatisfactory. The names of students who are found incorrigible even after warnings may be removed from the rolls after intimation to the respective embassies. The names of students of the university college who is on strike or found guilty of serious indiscipline shall automatically be removed from the rolls and they shall not ordinarily be readmitted and in no case with retrospective effect.
  • Organizing any religious meeting / function / display of religious symbols in a public or open place in the university campus, including hostels, is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule shall be construed as an act of indiscipline and disciplinary action will be taken against persons concerned apart from initiating appropriate legal proceedings.
  • Students going on strike or in any way guilty of serious breach of discipline, if they are residents of the attached hostels, shall be required to quit the hostels at 12 hours notice and they shall not ordinarily be readmitted to the privileges of residence in the hostel. In case they are readmitted, they shall pay admission fees.
  • Students indulging in any violent activities, voluntarily or under, coercion, direct or indirect, or found pressurizing the college or university authorities to meet their demands will be punished by the university in accordance with the existing rules and regulations.
  • The Dean may, on the recommendation of the Head of the Department, or otherwise, inflict the following punishments in the interests of the students or the institution: fine, loss of attendance, loss of term, suspension, expulsion; or such other action as deemed necessary for the maintenance of discipline on the campus.
  • Ragging in any form in the university premises is considered to be an offence punishable under law. Ragging in its present form is a deliberate dehumanization of the human values and the culture of living together with a purposeful goal. Ragging both in and outside the campus has been banned. Students involved in any form of ragging will be expelled from the institution by the principal and they will be subject to punishment as per civil law.

All the International Students may note that in spite of the sincere efforts made by the University to adhere to the Academic Calendar, curriculum, timetable and schedules etc., framed by the University for the academic year concerned, for any dislocation or disturbance caused to the same due to any disturbances natural or manmade(strikes or movements) the University shall not be responsible for any loss, actual or perceived that might be caused to the International Students.