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     Legal education offered by the department is designed to give  professional orientation, besides promoting skills of advocacy and  drafting of legal documents. The law graduates have the opportunity to  practice as advocates, legal advisors and consultants in corporate  sector or serve as law teachers in various institutions. The syllabus of  all Law Courses has been thoroughly revised and updated as per the  directions of The Bar Council of India, regulating body of Law Courses.
Programme Name
Regular Seats
Payment Seats
Master's Programme in Law (LL.M)
(Two Branches)
2 Years
(4 Semesters)
(Per Batch)
Eligibility               :  Pass in 3/5 years Degree Course in Law of any recognized University with 40% on the aggregate.
No. of Branches  :  Two (2)
  1. Branch-1 : Labour, Capital and Law
  2. Branch-2 : Business Law
Programme Content
Core Subjects (Common to all branches) : Law and Social Transformation,  Indian Constitutional Law; Judicial Process; Research Methodology,  Practical Training, Dissertation and Viva.
Branch – 1 : Labour, Capital and Law:
Electives : The New Challenges of Collective Bargaining, Industrial  Adjudication, Law Relating to Civil Servants, Agricultural Labour, Wages  and Social Security Law.
Branch -2 : Business Laws:
Electives : Law of Industrial and Intellectual Property, Legal  Regulation of Economic Enterprises, Law of Export and Import, Banking  Law, Insurance Law and Corporate Finance.
Programme Name
Regular Seats
Payment Seats
Three Year Degree Course In Law(LL.B. 3YDC)
3 Years
(6 Semesters)
(Minimum 10)
Eligibility  :  Graduate of any recognized University with 45% on the aggregate and  qualified in Common Entrance Test, i.e., LAWCET conducted by the  Government of Andhra Pradesh. Centralised Admission will be made by the Convener, on  the basis of rank obtained in the Entrance Test.
Programme content:
Theory : Contracts-I (General Principles of Contracts (Sections 1-75)  including Specific Relief Act), Family Law-I, Torts and Consumer  Protections Laws, Constitutional Law I, Human Rights Law and Practice,  Constitutional Law II Contracts – II, (Special Contracts including  Indian Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act, Family Law II, Insurance Law,  Law of Crimes, Jurisprudence Property Laws including Easements, Labour  Law I , Environmental Law, Interpretation of Statues, Labour Law II,  International Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Company Law, Land Laws  including Land Ceiling & other Local Laws, Administrative Law, Civil  Procedure Code including Limitation Act, Criminal Procedure Code  including Juvenile Justice Act & Probation of Offenders Act, Law of  Evidence, Penology and Victimology, Taxation Laws
Practical training I    : Moot Court, Pre-Trial Preparations and Participation in trial proceeding
Practical training II   : Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing
Practical trainingIII   : Professional Ethics-Accountancy for lawyers and Bar Bench Relations
Practical training IV : Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems
  Core Subjects: Computer Applications & Communication skills, Gender Studies as additional papers.

Programme Name
Regular Seats
Payment Seats
Five Year Degree Programme in Law (LL.B. 5YDC)
5 Years
(10 Semesters)
(Minimum 10)
Eligibility :  10+2 or Intermediate with 45% on the aggregate and is qualified in the 5  Year Common Entrance Test, i.e., LAWCET conducted by the Govt. of  Andhra Pradesh. Centralised Admissions will be made by the Convener,on  the basis of rank obtained in the Entrance Test
Programme Content :  In the first four semesters General English –I, Political Science –I,  Sociology-I, Economics-I and History, Sociology-II, General English-II,  Political Science-II, History of Courts, Legislature and Legal  Profession in India-I, Political Science-III, History of Courts,  Legislature and Legal Profession in India-II, and Economics –II.
From V Semester onwards syllabus is common for both LL.B 3 Years and 5 Five Years.
Core Subjects  : Communicative English, Computer Applications, Gender Studies
 And Environmental Studies as additional common core papers.
Research Programmes
Research Programmes
Areas of Research
Key Areas of Research
    • Constitutional Aspects
    • International Relations
    • Labour Laws
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Environmental Law
    • Family Law ( Matrimonial Relations)
    • Criminal Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Legal Aid and Legal Literacy
    • Medico Legal Jurisprudence
    • Judicial Activities
    • Information Technology
    • E-Banking and E-Commerce.
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