Women's Studies Centre

Prof. R.Jayasree
Dept. & Women's Studies Centre
Ph : 0877-2284508 (O)
Cell: 9441011346

The Women's Studies Centre was declared open in the year 1984 and the University Grants Commission started releasing funds from the 1988 with a motto of teaching, research, filed outreach and training on women related issues and for the upliftment of women at community and to make the higher education accessible to the girl students. Further, it also aims to promote intellectuality among different sections of the population, activists, NGOs working in the field for women empowerment and train various sections of women groups so as to promote required skills and potentialities among them suitable to the global context on par with their male counterparts.

Objectives of the Women's Studies Centre

Dimensions of the Women's Studies Centre and Department

Major Activities of Women's Studies Centre: